Manly P. Hall: Positive Thinking

The Habit of Thinking Constructively: Cultivating the Positive Outlook
(a live lecture by Manly P. Hall in Los Angeles, November 25, 1956)

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"In these rather complicated times, we are all in need of positive thinking, and yet the term has been so abused in the last 25 years, it seems worthwhile to devote some time trying to clarify basic values."

These words were spoken over 60 years ago but remain true to this day - perhaps even more so. If ever we needed a positive outlook and constructive thinking habits, the time is always now. Manly Hall presents a straight forward approach to the problem of the day, with practical and simple solutions for a busy person in the modern era.

* around 10 minutes, there is a Bible quote and these are the references: [Matthew 13:12; 25:29 Luke 12:48, Thomas 41]

40:45 By changing ourselves, we become an inspiration to others; whereas by trying to change others, we only become a nuisance.

1:12:33 It is not the doing of the thing, it is the getting ready to get started to begin to commence doing the thing.

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