Manly P. Hall: How to Stop Negative Thinking

Originally titled, "The Winter of our Discontent: Breaking the Habit of Negative Thinking", this lecture was delivered in Los Angeles on September 29, 1963.

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Historical Context: 2 weeks before this lecture was given, four Alabama school children were killed when a bomb was set off, after many weeks of tension and violence in Birmingham, Baltimore and other areas of the USA. One month earlier, Dr. King gave his famous "I have a Dream" speech in Washington, in this most important and volatile years of the Civil Rights Movement.

Mr. Hall often made vague references to world and national news events, while always keeping in mind that which is immediate for each individual in their personal lives. In this lecture, we can hear his distinctions between what is beyond our control, and what we have the power to work with in our own selves.

Points of interest from the community:
7:16 Wherever the economic pressures become too heavy in the lives of people, there is a tendency for the monetary factor to assume too great an importance.
12:17 There seems to be so much evidence that man improves his conditions much more rapidly than he improves himself.
15:21 But if we are not successful in personal living...

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