Manly P. Hall: Mystery of Public Opinion

"The Mystery of Public Opinion: Can We Escape Its Subtle Influence?

Please note: the image for the lecture is wrongly titled "The Broken Heart and Offended Pride". We have fixed the thumbnail, but when the video plays, the wrong one comes up. Apologies for this. We are still searching for the audio originally titled: The Broken Heart and Offended Pride.

Mr. Hall warns of the pitfalls that listening to public opinion has on the individual. He calls for each of is to know who we are and center ourselves to that the outside world doesn't have such a negative influence on our growth. The lecture (from July 28, 1957) is 65 years old but is just as true and relevant today.

Hall's reference to "North Africa" was likely about Morocco and Tunisia gaining independence, and even more likely, about the Suez Canal Crisis which occurred just a few months before this lecture.

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Manly P. Hall
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