Manly P. Hall: Alchemy of Attitudes: The Transformation Mystery

In 1942, Manly Hall lent several rare Alchemical manuscripts and books of symbols to Dr. Carl Jung in Switzerland. Soon after, Jung published his work, "Psychology and Alchemy", drawing the relationship between ancient alchemical operations and the process of analytical psychology. This helps popularize the modern idea that alchemy is more about the transformation of the individual (which Jung termed, Individuation) than converting lead into gold. For it is the gold within that is produced when the person transmutes the old, leaden base desires and attitudes, refining them into more pure, golden thoughts and actions.

These are timeless concepts and are just as valuable today as they have always been.

(Original Lecture Title:
The Transformation Mystery: The Alchemy of Attitudes,
on February 28, 1960 in Los Angeles)
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