Manly P. Hall - Sevenfold Mystery of Love: Neoplatonism

Manly Hall gave this talk in Los Angeles on Mother's Day, 1986 (May 11) and it is just as appropriate to release on this Valentine's Day weekend, 2021. (He pays special note to all mothers toward the end of the recording.)

Mr. Hall explores the mysterious nature of love, using a Neo-Platonist perspective. The nature of love is perhaps one of the most discussed and timeless subjects throughout history, with an infinite variety of expressions. Hall looks at some of the fundamental and universal aspects of love and how humankind is affected by this essential part of our being.

6:00 1. Love of God (the Universe, totality, Ultimate Reality)
18:16 2. Love of Wisdom
25:43 3. Love of Country (or Clan, Tribe, Land)
31:33 4. Love of Light (Illumination)
35:41 5. Love of Beauty
41:42 6. Love of Skills
48:36 7. Love of Family

The sculpture is titled, "Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss" (Canova)
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Manly P. Hall
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