Manly P. Hall: Islam in the Modern World (1955)

"Islam's Contribution to Man's Spiritual Security" started out as Manly Hall's comments on a (then) recent Life Magazine series on world religions.
The Islamic world in Arabia and Near East in 1955 was years behind the rapid technological developments of the 20th century. Nation states were being carved out of what had been vast areas of European colonialism. The entire region and their way of life was under great social change and internal pressure..

In this lecture, Mr. Hall points out the challenges of the Islamic people at the time, and how their faith, outlined in the Quran, can be a great help in guiding and empowering and entire people through this great transformation. Even though this lecture is 66 years old, the wisdom is timeless, and in many ways, timely to this moment as we face it today.

Manly P. Hall spoke publicly for 70 years in Los Angeles and around the world, bringing the wisdom of all ages and cultures to the contemporary individual, so that they may better solve their modern problems, and gain a deeper understanding of the mystery of the universe - and themselves.

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Manly P. Hall
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