Dr. Ibrahim Karim - Egyptian Energy Science (BioGeometry) (Playlist)


Dr Ibrahim Karim is an Egyptian architect from the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. He has been a consultant to the minister of health, culture, tourism and the minister of scientific research. During the year of 1985 he was the co-founder of Imhotep Scientific Society in Egypt. A few years later he was the chairman of the research committee on the influence of geometrical shapes on life functions, in the Egyptian National Research Center from 1993 to 1995.


Three years later he won a prize in The International Conference for Inventors: 20th Century Gate, in Cairo and has since received other awards for his work in the environment.


Dr. Karim is the founder, president & CEO of BioGeometry® Energy Systems LTD. Nowadays he is the owner/managing director of Alemara Architectural Consultants, and he also supervises masters and doctorate degrees in applications of BioGeometry® in architecture, town and regional planning, environment and all fields of design at universities of Egypt and abroad.


He has done several architectural consulting projects with U.S. Aid & Egyptian government in Egypt as well as electrosmog environment projects in the Swiss areas of Hemberg, St.Gallen and Hirschberg, Appenzell IR. He has specialized in BioGeometry® architecture projects and research projects in several countries. Dr. Karim has developed courses in BioGeometry that are taught by licensed teachers in North America, Europe and Egypt.


Dr. Claude Swanson, a physicist MIT and Princeton, author of The Synchronized Universe, and Life Force: The Scientific Basis, in which he includes a chapter on BioGeometry has written a quote on the back cover of Dr. Karim’s book « Back to a Future for Mankind, BioGeometry » saying that: « Dr. Ibrahim Karim provides extremely valuable and rare insights into subtle energy. He has developed a « Science of Shape » and a Physics of Quality, which have applications in modern technology, health, architecture, and many other aspects of our lives. »

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