Dr Ibrahim Karim - Special Topics 2012 Master (Part 3 of 3)


Presented in Asheville, North Carolina in November of 2012, Dr. Karim helps us understand how we can live richer, more 'connected' lives by learning the 'language' of Nature -- the essence of BioGeometry. It's a language that was known in the ancient traditions, including the Egyptian temple sciences, but today we've lost our command of that language. If we could relearn it... if we could again communicate with Nature in its own language... we'd then be able to examine our homes, our health, our food, and our devices (such as cell phones), to name but a few, and determine whether they are supportive of life or not (eg., ourselves, our pets, our environment). If they're not, the science of BioGeometry gives us, as verified by numerous studies, a way to directly adjust them so they become beneficial. So don't let BioGeometry's Egyptian roots fool you. As I see it, this is applied, hyper-dimensional physics at its best, and Dr. Karim explains it in way that's easily understandable. Watch it... and be inspired!

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