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This week, I’m here with the amazing Dr Ibrahim Karim. Ibrahim is an Egyptian architect from the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. He has been a consultant to the Minister of Health, Culture, Tourism, and the Minister of Scientific Research. I truly recommend that you listen to this episode more than once and try to really internalize Ibrahim’s wisdom. During our conversation, we cover the concept of BioGeometry, connecting with your right brain consciousness and its benefits, how to bridge your sensory and extra-sensory awareness, and ultimately, how we can all benefit from seeking spiritual re-alignment.

“We are a sort of double being in one being,” Ibrahim notes. Tune in to find out who we are living with in our bodies, and what we can do to live in peace with this roommate.

About Ibrahim: Dr. Ibrahim Karim is an Architect by profession; graduate of the renowned F.I.T. Zurich, Switzerland; with BA/MA, and D.Sc. in Tourist Planning, Dr. Ibrahim Karim occasionally teaches as visiting professor of Architecture at several universities. Dr. Karim owns: Alemara Consultants Architecture firm founded by his father Dr. Sayed Karim in the1930’s, who is the main pioneer of modern architecture in the Middle East and author of several books on the Culture behind the greatness of Ancient Egypt.

What started off as an occasional gathering of friends grew over twenty years into a weekly pivot in the lives of many people of different ages, religions, professions, social background and nationalities. Unstructured lectures and dialogues about almost any subject, where Dr. Karim believed that he has learned as much as he has taught his holistic approach which he calls the BioGeometrical Way; a new and expanded world view; equally scientific and spiritual in essence. In his own words “to be truly holistic it must incorporate anything and everything”.

BioGeometrical shapes interact with Earth’s energy to produce a balancing effect on all energy levels of biological systems. Research into shapes of body organs led to the discovery of the relationship between of organ function, energy pattern, and shape. These patterns called “BioSignatures” produce, through resonance, a balance of energy and immunity that support orthodox and alternative medicine.

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Key points with time stamp:
- Back to a Future for Mankind with BioGeometry (00:00)
- What does “Back to a Future for Mankind” mean? (00:56)
- Right brain awareness vs. Left brain consciousness and how to bridge them (12:31)
- The future of BioGeometry technology (46:53)
- Your sensory perceptions as “a mask” (59:36)
- Do we reconnect to our extra-sensory selves as we age? (01:08:27)
- Dr. Ibrahim Karim’s upcoming book (01:11:54)
- Tips on connecting to your right brain consciousness (01:15:45)

Mentioned in this episode:
- Doreya Karim
- BioGeometry
- Back to a Future for Mankind: Solutions to the Global Environmental Crisis New Energy Secrets of Ancient Egypt and the Great Pyramid Revealed, 2010. Ibrahim’s first book.
- Kundalini

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