Dr. David Berlinski - Human Nature


John is joined by Dr. David Berlinski - they discuss the disconnect between intellectuals and the rest of society, the revival of statism under the influence of utopian ideologies, and the blind acceptance of Darwinism without subjecting it to proper scientific scrutiny. He unpacks these ideas in his latest book 'Human Nature', drawing upon history, mathematics, logic and literature, to show how human nature can be not only beautiful and noble, but also ignorant and depraved.

Doctor David Berlinski has a Ph.D. in philosophy form Princeton University and later became a postdoctoral fellow in mathematics and molecular biology at Columbia University. He has taught a wide range of subjects including philosophy, mathematics and English at Stanford, Rutgers, the City University of New York and the Universite de Paris. He has also held research fellowships at the International institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria and the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques.

David is a polymath, academic, and raconteur who is a vocal opponent against Darwinism, and is a sceptic around the science of climate change. His books include Human Nature, The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions, Infinite Ascent: A Short History of Mathematics, The Secrets of the Vaulted Sky, The Advent of the Algorithm, Newtons Gift, and A Tour of the Calculus.

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00:00 Introduction
01:35 Why Intellectuals do not understand the working class
08:01 What is the Enlightenment?
12:36 Key Enlightenment figures
17:27 Flawed side of human nature
23:23 Revival of unrealistic utopianism
26:50 Reason in the non scientific areas of life
32:53 Public Faith in Science
42:00 The West’s Willingness to Obey Government
46:40 The Flaws of Evolutionary Theory
54:26 Nazism and Eugenics
59:01 The Credibility of Intelligent Design
1:03:00 Can Universities be Reformed
1:09:51 Jordan Peterson’s effect on the younger generation
1:15:15 Conclusion
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