Rudolf Steiner - Materialistic History


(13 January 1917)

"Materialistic history; history revealed through following one’s karma. Wilhelm von Humboldt and Heinrich von Treitschke. History revealed through symptoms. Need to cultivate a sense for truth. Treitschke love for the truth. Humboldt’s work on a concept of the state; his successors Edouard Laboulaye and John Stuart Mill. Treitschke Freedom. Treitschke as a representative of the German people. Treitschke not an exponent of the principle of power, but a teacher for his people. The note from the Entente to President Wilson. The meaningless term ‘Czecho-Slovaks’. Kramar and Masaryk."

From "The Karma of Untruthfulness Volume 2 - CW 174"

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