Alan Watts - Game of Yes and No - II

Alan Watts - Game of Yes and No - II

So, yang and yin go together. But, through not seeing that, our life is, as I said geared to the thought that we might be able to make the yang side win. And so, in every thought of human enterprise, we are trying to have white without black.

And this connects with what I was trying to get across this afternoon. When you talk about improving the world, you are meaning presumably that you want it more white than black, or whichever one you call the good one. If you think the black is the good, it’s all right, it doesn’t make slightest difference. You know which side are you going to take in the game of chess the black and white doesn’t make much difference except white gets first move. And now I always wait to see what you’re going to do. We think, could we get rid of the other one? Now as you know in all matters of practical living. It never works. You think now, I’ve been miserable all this time as I have enough money. I never know whether I make the payments on the car. I never know whether, you know, it’s going to be sickness. And if only I have a little more money I’d really feel great.

Alan Watts - Game of Yes and No - II

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