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How is man to be best related to his environment, especially in circumstances where we are in possession of an extremely powerful technology and have therefore the capacity to change our environment far more than anyone else has ever been able to do so?

Are we going to end up not by civilizing the world but by Los-Angelezing it?

In other words, are we going to foul our own nest as a result of technology?

But all of this gets down to the basic question is, really:

“What are you going to do if you are God?”

- Alan Watts ( Tao of Philosophy - 04 )

The whole of Western technology is the result of “bitting.” And so we “thing” the world, that is to say that in order to measure a curve you have to reduce it to point instance, and apply the calculus, so in exactly the same way, in order to discuss or talk about the universe you have to reduce it to things.

- Alan Watts

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