Why People Fear Spirituality (And How to Become Spiritually Awakened)

Why do people fear spirituality? I dive deep into the reasons why people are so afraid of spirituality and shed light on how to become spiritually awakened.

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“Why am I all of a sudden scared of spirituality?” This is one of the questions I received on my Instagram and a very relevant question as many people are wanting to become spiritually awakened and embarking on their own spiritual journey.

There is no one reason why people are scared of spirituality. What we call the new age movement today is not a cohesive unit. It’s a mosaic of different schools of thought that fall under the umbrella term of New Age. So there are a host of different reasons why a person may fear spirituality including just by expanding our awareness into the fringe.

So today I will be talking about the biggest reasons why people would start to fear spirituality and at the end I will reveal the number one reason people fear spirituality and shed light on how to navigate that stage of spiritual awakening.

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