What's Philosophy?


In this video, I answer the ultimate question, what's philosophy, by looking at philosophy's origin to present day, a whopping 2500-year history of human thinking. I answer all the major philosophical questions.

I spent at least 150 hours on reading, researching, synthesising ideas, recording, editing and uploading this video. In the process I lost a laptop, so if you enjoyed this video or learnt something useful, please consider supporting me. I really appreciate your help.
Time Stamps
00:00 Introduction
02:42 Origin of philosophy
08:10 What’s philosophy?
20:17 Philosophical terms
35:01 Eastern philosophy vs western philosophy
53:21 Socrates vs Plato vs Aristotle
01:09:36 Laozi vs Buddha va Confucius
01:27:40 Purpose of Human Civilisation: Humanism vs Animalism
01:41:12 Purpose of Human Life: Knowledge vs Happiness
01:55:14 Rationalism vs Empiricism & Kant
02:06:24 Hegel vs Marx vs Sartre vs Zizek
02:19:03 Schopenhauer vs Kierkegaard vs Nietzsche
02:34:54 Final Words

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