MPH: Philosophy of Value 2 - Things and Objects of Value

The Philosophy of Value: A 5-Part Seminar by Manly P. Hall
2. Things and Objects of Value

*Restored from original master tapes*

The philosophy of value is based upon certain teachings of the early Zen masters. They sought to interpret everything in the universe in terms of meaning, thus providing the ultimate pattern for personal conduct.

1:20:00 absolutely incredible lecture for 1961!!! (from the community)

Nov. 15, 1961
1. Kihin and the Oriental Concept of Value

Nov. 22, 1961
2. Things and Objects of Value (This one)

Nov. 29, 1961
3. The Ageless Quest for Value

Dec. 6, 1961
4. Taking Hold Upon Value

Dec. 13, 1961
5. Living in the Light of Value

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