They're Watching You!: The History of the Illuminati


What do Henry Kissinger, Queen Elizabeth, David Rockefeller, and arms magnate Basil Zaharoff have in common? They’ve all been accused of being members of the mysterious Illuminati cult. Now, we take a look at the history of an organization so steeped in mystery, that it has spawned endless conspiracy theories over the years.

This video is episode 12 from the series The Real History of Secret Societies, presented by Richard Spence.

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00:00 Adam Weishaupt Leads Secret Society Meeting in 1776
02:17 Illuminati Imagery Embedded in Popular Culture
03:34 Origins of the Term "Illuminati"
06:52 How Exposure Helped the Illuminati
07:22 Who Was Adam Weishaupt?
14:28 Illuminati Members Were Not Equal or Free
17:35 How Did Weishaupt's Plan Work in Practice?
21:04 Illuminati Cults in Middle East, Spain, and France
25:00 The Illuminati in Literature and Pop Culture

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