"They Control Billions Of People" Michael & Google's Worst Nightmare | Dr. Epstein


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Michael Knowles sits down with Dr. Epstein, a renowned Harvard professor and former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today. Together, they uncover the unsettling truth about how big tech companies, particularly Google, wield immense influence over our thoughts and behaviors through the algorithms embedded in their search engines. Dr. Epstein breaks down how seemingly neutral search results can be subtly manipulated to shape public perception, political preferences, and even purchasing decisions. If you want to understand how tech giants are silently steering your daily choices, don't miss this eye-opening conversation that dives into the hidden tactics shaping modern society.

Dr. Robert Epstein broke onto the scene after his Joe Rogan interview that went viral. Election integrity, election interference, hoaxes, myths, and so much more are all topics covered in this episode.

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