The Synergy of Awakening: Eastern and Western Enlightenment Merge


In Zen koan practice, a person will intensely focus upon a question in a very similar manner.

The Zen practitioner will try with every fibre of their being to penetrate the question with their ordinary mind and understanding, striving to reveal the nature of reality.

Rene Descartes' "Cogito ergo sum" is a Latin phrase that translates to "I think, therefore I am."

It is a famous philosophical statement and a key element of Descartes' philosophy.

Descartes was searching for a completely irrefutable truth. He began by recognising that he could doubt almost everything.

He could doubt the appearance of the world itself. It may be a dream or a spell cast by a devil.

It was, Descartes thought, possible to doubt almost everything.

However, the one thing that Descartes felt could never be doubted was his own existence.

Today we shall explore the merging of eastern and western spirituality in this philosophical packed episode of Asangoham.

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Script: Matt Mackane

Edit: Medo

Voiceover: Abhinav Banerjee

Score: Epidemic music x Original Score

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