The Skull as a Transformed Vertebra By Rudolf Steiner

"The spherical form as a foundation of the three bodily aspects: 1) head
(only physical), spherical form completely visible; 2) chest (physical and
soul), only visible as a crescent shaped spherical fragment; 3) limbs
(physical, soul, spiritual), only visible as radii. The head as an expression
of intellect and the limbs as an expression of will; the tubular and bowllike
bones in this connection. The skull as a transformed vertebra. The
tubular bones as transformed head bones. The centers of the head, chest
and limb spheres. Head and limbs in connection with cosmic movement.
The imitation of cosmic movement in dancing and its translation into
music. The origin of sense perceptions and their connection with
sculpture and music. Body, soul and spirit in connection with the head,
chest and limb spheres. The Council of 869: the Catholic Church as the
source of scientific materialism. The development of the head from the
animal world. The importance that the teacher have a feeling of the
connection of human beings with the cosmos. Pedagogy as an art."

From "The Foundations of Human Experience (formerly, The Study of Man) (GA 293)"


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