The Lazy Way To Enlightenment: Bankei's Unborn Zen


"The Unborn is not something difficult to attain; it is not something distant.
It is not something we have to search for; it is not something we have to
discover. It is something we already have, right here, right now."
- Bankei Yƍtaku. Dogen & Hakuin
Zen Buddhism is a major school of Mahayana Buddhism that originated in
China and later spread to Japan.
The term "Zen" comes from the Sanskrit word "dhyana," which refers to a
state of deep meditation and awareness.
Zen emphasises the experience of direct, intuitive realisation of the nature
of reality and the attainment of spiritual enlightenment.
There are two names considered most important to the development of
Zen are: Dogen & Hakuin
Dogen Kigen (1200-1253) was the founder of Soto Zen.
The question that Dogen became obsessed with as a young man and which
motivated his search for truth was:

Simply put, the answer that Dogen came to was that practice itself was an
expression of enlightenment.
Because of this conclusion, one of the main practices of Soto Zen became
Shikantaza means just sitting.
In Shikantaza one merely sits. There is no practice of concentration nor of
breath counting, etc..
One merely sits.
As Dogen said: “You cannot get it wrong.”
Soto Zen is known as a gradual enlightenment school, meaning that one
over time eventually realises their inherent Buddha nature.
Hakuin Ekaku (1686-1769) was the founder of the Rinzai school of Zen

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Voiceover: Andrea Giordani

Script: Matt Mackane

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