The Human Being is not an Observer of the World,but its Stage By Dr.Rudolf Steiner

"A comprehensive view of cosmic laws as a basis for being a teacher. The
duality of the human being as the greatest error of modern psychology.
The misleading law of The Conservation of Energy; the formation of
new energy and matter in the human being. Understanding what is dying
in nature through the intellect and what is becoming through the will.
How perceiving the I is based in the physical body. Freedom and sensefree
thinking. Nature without the human being: the danger of extinction.
The function of the human corpse for the development of the Earth.
The prevalence of death-bringing forces in the (dead) bones and (dying)
nerves and life-giving forces in the blood and muscles. Rickets. The
relationship of geometry to the skeleton. Geometry as a reflection of
cosmic movements. The human being is not an observer of the world,
but its “stage.” The creation of new matter and forces through the
touching of blood and nerves. Concerning the scientific method:
postulates instead of universal definitions."

From "The Foundations of Human Experience (formerly, The Study of Man) (GA 293)"


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