World Decline and World Dawn By Rudolf Steiner

-June 03, 1921-

-World decline and world dawn. Erigena between old and new thinking. The Gospel of John as testimony that Christ, the Logos, is creator of earthly realm. In antiquity, the “Father principle” held sway: man experienced himself in body and blood as the image of the divine Father as represented in the tribal father of the generations; God and Spirit held sway in earth and moon forces. First three parts of Erigena's book tie in with this. Early Christian knowledge concerning the nature of Father forces and Christ force. The Gospel of John. Transition from pre-Christian blood sacrifices to offering of bread and wine. The end of the world as decline of ancient, body-bound spirit force took place in the fourth century. By degrees, it always appears again in human consciousness; the mood of the crusades; Alfred Suess; Oswald Spengler. Possibility of renewal based on real spirit perception.-
From "Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy" -

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