The First Three Seven Year Periods of Life By Dr.Rudolf Steiner

"The first three seven-year periods of life. The three aspects of logical
thinking: conclusion, judgment, concept. Healthy conclusions live only
in completely awake aspects of life. The descent of judgment into the
dreaming soul and concepts into the sleeping soul. Development of the
habits of the soul through the type of judging. The effects of concepts
which have descended into the sleeping soul upon the formation of the
body, in particular the uniform common physiognomies. The necessity
of living concepts: characterizations instead of definitions. Flexible and
fixed concepts. The structure of a human idea. The child’s unconscious
basic tenor: 1) In the first seven years “the world is moral,” and therefore
to be imitated; the impulse of the prenatal past. 2) In the second
sevenyear period, “the world is beautiful”; life in art, enjoyment of the
present. 3) In the third seven-year period “the world is true”; systematic
instruction and an impulse toward the future."

From "The Foundations of Human Experience (formerly, The Study of Man) (GA 293)"


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