The Atlantean Catastrophe and the Impulses of the Year 1250 By Rudolf Steiner

|- December 31, 1910 -|
"Connection between the single personalities in history and the individual threads running through the whole evolution of mankind. Beings of the Third Hierarchy (Angels, Archangels, Spirits of Personality) work on and through the souls of men in the course of the successive civilisation-epochs. The phenomenon of so-called “canals” on Mars. The Spirits of Form also manifest in the beings of the kingdoms of nature and thus work upon man. Crucial points in evolution: their connection with the position and movement of the earth in relation to the neighbouring celestial bodies, and with the position of the earth's axis in relation to the axis of the ecliptic. The Atlantean catastrophe and the impulses of the year 1250. Cycles of ascent and decline in the history of mankind; catastrophic happenings in nature and fundamental changes in the activities of spiritual Beings and of human souls. The onset and waning of these cycles; they are intersected by other powerful influences. Differentiations caused by particular conditions. Nicolaus Cusanus. Nicolaus Copernicus. Oberlin."

From "Occult History CW 126"

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