The Mission of Gautama Buddha and his inspired teaching in India By Rudolf Steiner

September 18, 1912

The mission of Gautama Buddha and his inspired teaching in India. The work of Socrates in Greece and its influence in the West. Its appeal to reasoning power of his pupils. Contrast between Buddha and Socrates. Socrates occasionally close to Buddha (e.g. in Phaedo); Buddha occasionally close to Socrates. Christ Jesus among his disciples. Example of Parable of the Sower. Difference in his way of speaking to disciples and to the crowd, with its heritage of ancient clairvoyance. Sentient soul heritage in Buddha, consciousness soul anticipation in Socrates, two diverging “comets,” both living in age of mind soul.

The Gospel of St. Mark. 10 Lectures by Rudolf Steiner given in Basel, Switzerland, September 15th to the 24th, 1912. (CW 139)


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