Lost book of Enki (The ANUNNAKI MOVIE) (FULL MOVIE 2024)


Anunnaki Full Movie is Based on the book 'The Lost Book of Enki' by Zecharia Sitchin.

00:00 - Introduction
06:20 - Attestation of Endubsar
15:37 - Lost book of Enki tablet 1
34:02 - Lost book of Enki tablet 2
53:00 - Lost book of Enki tablet 3
01:07:57 - Lost book of Enki tablet 4
01:30:38 - Lost book of Enki tablet 5
01:55:28 - Lost book of Enki tablet 6
02:22:50 - Lost book of Enki tablet 7
02:43:35 - Lost book of Enki tablet 8
03:05:58 - Lost book of Enki tablet 9
03:39:21 - Lost book of Enki tablet 10
04:25:40 - Lost book of Enki tablet 11
05:15:12 - Lost book of Enki tablet 12
06:00:58 - Lost book of Enki tablet 13
06:45:30 - Lost book of Enki tablet 14

The "Anunnaki Story" chronicles the catastrophic Great Calamity in Sumer, described by the deity Enki, involving destructive "weapons of terror." The narrative then shifts to Nibiru, the Anunnaki's home, detailing its volatile environment and history marked by conflict and war. In an effort to restore peace, An is appointed as a ruler, but succession issues arise. As Nibiru's environment deteriorates, gold is sought as a solution, leading the Anunnaki to Earth for mining. Alalu, a former king of Nibiru, discovers Earth's gold but is defeated and exiled to Mars by Anu.

Enki and Enlil lead the Anunnaki's Earth mission, facing challenges in gold extraction and adapting to the new environment. Enki oversees Africa (Abzu) and Enlil, Mesopotamia (Edin). Anu's visit to Earth involves crucial decisions regarding the operation and leadership. The story also covers the establishment of way stations on Mars and the Moon for gold transportation.

Conflicts arise among the Anunnaki and the Igigi, leading to a mutiny in Ekur due to discontent with working conditions. Enki and Ninmah create the first humans, Adam and Titi, through genetic experimentation, marking direct intervention in human genesis. The Igigi later intermingle with human females, leading to hybrid offspring.

Ziusudra plays a key role in surviving a great flood, reshaping human civilization. Post-Deluge, the Anunnaki help rebuild human cities, influencing cultural, technological, and political developments. Growing human civilizations lead to conflicts and wars, with Earth divided into four regions, each influenced by different Anunnaki leaders.

The narrative culminates in a catastrophic war using "weapons of terror," causing massive destruction. This complex tale intertwines mythology, celestial dynamics, and terrestrial events, depicting the Anunnaki as influential yet manipulative figures in human destiny.


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