Task of Antroposophie By Rudolf Steiner

"June 05, 1921"
"Transition in the fourth century from the viewpoint of the changing life of the body; illness and healing. Egypt: the body as part of earth's totality; necessity of maintaining the body in harmonious relationship with earth's four elements; its shape, the work of art by the I that is independent of birth and death. Greece: the corporeal life as expression of the soul-spiritual on this side which was experienced as being almost identical with the living, sculpturing system of fluids; the four kinds of fluids in the human being. Rome: soul feels itself bound up in earthly existence. The reflection of these transformations in development of the seven sciences, from living revelation to abstraction. Entry of Christianity. Julian the Apostate. Constantine. Justinian. Displacement of living knowledge to East (Gondishapur). Battle of consciousness between Avicenna and Averroes to comprehend the I based on Aristotelianism as opposed to Germanic direction. The task of anthroposophy."

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