Rudolf Steiner - Forming Intellectuality to Spiritualism - Task of Antroposophy


(September 23, 1924)

"Emancipation of intellectuality from the elementary human qualities, from the deeper being of the soul. Human bodies of to-day, being altogether attuned to intellectualism, cause the spirituality that comes over from former times to withdraw into the subconscious. To transform into spirituality the intellectualism of the present age is the task of Anthroposophy, which must reckon with the rationalism of the times in order that man may find the path of ideas upward to the Spirit no less than downward into nature. At the end of the 19th century the spiritual element in human souls was dammed up, and in order to reveal itself in any way had to draw back from intellectualism. It will be evident in such men how they shrink from being touched too deeply by modern intellectualism. Plato and the individuality reborn as Goethe. Plato — Hroswitha — Schröer."

From "Karmic Relationships Vol. 4 (CW 238)"

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