Spiritual Knowledge in Recent History by Rudolf Steiner

(Dornach, 26 December 1916)

"Spiritual knowledge in recent history. Spiritualism as an attempt to prove the existence of a spiritual world. The destiny of H. P. Blavatsky. Christ and the individual human being. Gerhard the Good in connection with the rise of commerce. The Reformation, the Thirty Years War. Frederick, Elector Palatine, son-in-law of James I of England. The Seven Years War and the battle for India and America. Ernst August of Hanover. On the outbreak of war: Racconigi 1909, Ernesto Nathan. Bismarck and Usedom. Austria and Italy. Prezzolini on modern Italy and the benefits of war. Shouting down the idea of peace."

From "The Karma of Untruthfulness vol. 1 CW 173"

(Titles of individual videos in general not titles given by Rudolf Steiner)


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