Spiritual knowledge can produce effective solutions By Rudolf Steiner

Spiritual Knowledge can produce Effective Solutions to Legal, Moral and Social Questions

(July 03, 1917)

"Franz Brentano — a representative of modern striving man. His deep concern is the true nature of the human soul. But without spiritual insight he has no possibility of arriving at proper answers to his questions concerning the true and the good. Brentano's greatness reveals itself not so much in his conclusions, as in the earnestness of his striving. The reality of truth and the source of the good cannot be discovered without insight into the higher members of man's being; nor can a true comprehension of how we arrive at aesthetic assessments. That is why the abstract conclusions put forward by Kant and his followers have no basis in reality. The experience of pure thinking is the first step in modern clairvoyance. Unless instincts for the good are brought into the light of consciousness, they do not enter the stream of heredity. Only concepts based on spiritual knowledge can produce effective solutions to legal, moral and social questions."

From "A collection of 8 Lectures by Rudolf Steiner given between May and July of 1917. (CW 176)"

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