Schopenhauer In-Depth: The Total Denial of the World by the Greatest Pessimist of Philosophy


Arthur Schopenhauer is one of the most infamous philosophers of all time for his reputation of rejecting the value of life and the world. He was also one of the greatest influences on Friedrich Nietzsche. But Schopenhauer's great work, The World as Will and Representation, is a complex work with a sophisticated epistemology that but a few dare delve into.

In these two talks combined into a single video, we discuss Schopenhauer's life, Schopenhauer's influence on Nietzsche, the centrality of Plato and Kant to Schopenhauer's metaphysics, the twin frameworks of the world as will and the world as representation, the aesthetic means of becoming a will-less subject of knowing, the idea of genius, the indestructibility of being, happiness as a negative principle, and negating the will-to-live as a means of liberation from suffering. Through this three hour lecture, learn the reasoning behind using will-less contemplation of perception to render this very real world of ours, with all its planets, stars and galaxies, into absolute nothingness!

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