A. Schopenhauer - Metaphysics and Sex


#schopenhauer | #metaphysics , and #Sex the realms of metaphysics, navigate the complexities of love, and explore the intertwined nature of desire and the human experience.
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 1- Schopenhauer: The World as Will and Representation https://amzn.to/43SBEfq 
2- Schopenhauer: A Very Short Introduction https://amzn.to/3YkR8rK
 3- Schopenhauer's Compass. An Introduction to Schopenhauer's Philosophy and its Originshttps://amzn.to/3rZ2oO1
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video Description
#schopenhauer - Metaphysics, Love, and Sex.' Join us as we unravel the intricate threads of Schopenhauer's profound ideas on #existence

Keys Point:
0:11 - Introduction to Arthur Schopenhauer: Brief introduction to the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer and his unique worldview. Schopenhauer's unorthodox behavior and his critiques of philosophers like Hegel.
1:17 - The World as Will and Representation: Schopenhauer's view of the world as "Will" and "Representation." Explanation of "Representation" as the external face of the world, understood through science, intellect, and reason.
2:14 - Beyond Materialism and Idealism: Schopenhauer's departure from materialism and idealism. Introduction to the world of space and time as part of representation. The limitations of our perception within space and time.
3:15 - The Instant and Eternity: Schopenhauer's view that only the present exists beyond representation. The idea that the instant is equivalent to eternity.
3:32 - The Elusive Will: The concept of the "Will" as the core of reality beyond space and time, which eludes human comprehension.
5:08 - The Will and Representation: How the Will animates the world of representation. The Will as the inner essence of the world, while the world of representation is the external surface.
6:00 - The Illusions of Representation: The human intellect's ability to represent the world of illusions. The limitations of human understanding in grasping the essence of the world. The distinction between understanding the "how" and the "why" of the world.
7:18 - Indirect Knowledge of the Will: How the world of representation becomes a means by which the Will manifests itself. Humans as manifestations of the Will. The potential for indirect knowledge of the Will through self-awareness.
8:01 - Life as a Manifestation of the Will: The presence of life at the core of the world of representation. The ability to understand the functioning of life but not its underlying purpose. The fundamental problem of the Will's inscrutability regarding its reason for being.
8:26 - The Purposeless Will: The Will exists without a known reason, much like life itself. Its sole purpose is to perpetuate itself in time, and it is timeless.
9:06 - The Instinct of Survival: The instinct of survival that drives humans to unconsciously adopt strategies for staying alive. The instinct of survival is a form of the Will that manifests individually for humans.
10:04 - The Illusion of Freedom: Humans are under the illusion of freedom but are, in fact, the localized expression of the Will. Humans unknowingly work to perpetuate life despite its lack of meaning.
11:38 - The Will as a Master: The Will compels individuals to work for its perpetuation without their knowledge. Humans reproduce life, perpetuating the world of the Will, even though the Will has no intentions.
12:12 - Love as an Illusion: Love is an illusion created by the Will to perpetuate life. Love and sexual desire are essentially the same thing.
13:24 - Humans and Animals: Schopenhauer views humans and animals as fundamentally the same in their instinctual drive for self-preservation.
14:01 - The Nature of Seduction: Seduction is a labyrinth that leads to reproduction.
15:09 - Love and the Feeling: Love is a means to make individuals consent to the repetition of life.
15:59 - Sexuality as the Expression of the Will: Sexuality is a manifestation of the will in its rawest and most direct form.
16:49 - Lucidity and Compassion: Schopenhauer suggests ceasing procreation to end the suffering in life.
18:32 - Ending the Cycle of Life: To end the tragedy of life, Schopenhauer suggests stopping the perpetual repetition of the will.

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