Sadhguru - Change Your Life With ETERNAL WISDOM


Do you want to change your life? Do you want to transform the way you are leading it? Sadhguru shares his precious thoughts and eternal wisdom and goes into detail regarding the matter. He also dwells into many other interesting aspects of life that you must hear!

While you watch this video and listen to Sadhguru, try to relate to yourself and apply the advice from Sadhguru to your life to live better.

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00:00 - Intro
04:48 - How to Overcome Fear
08:32 - How Can you Completely Know Your Inside and Outside?
19:07 - Stop Doing Things That Have Negative Impact
28:46 - Sadhguru's Perspective on Love and Life
37:58 - How Can You Live a Joyful Life?
44:19 - Stop Being Dead Serious About Life
50:23 - Things That Determine Your Success
57:26 - Do This Thing To Live a Blissful Life
1:01:33 - On Depression
1:09:10 - Outro

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