Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Interview 2018 – Atheism, Spirituality & Consciousness | In Dialogue, Ep. 5


[TIMINGS BELOW] | In our interview with the "world's most controversial scientist," Rupert Sheldrake takes us on the journey of his life - from a sceptical undergraduate to a ground-breaking scientist.

Rupert Sheldrake, who gave the famous 'banned TED talk', and recently seen on the Joe Rogan podcast and Russell Brand's 'Under the Skin' Podcast, joins Rational Religion for a discussion on atheism, spirituality, and consciousness. In Dialogue Ep. 5 the author of "The Science Delusion" and "Science and Spiritual Practices," and originator of the 'morphic resonance' theory, discusses the big questions he encountered along the way. We sat down with him and asked him to distill some of those essential thoughts.

In Dialogue brings you fresh perspectives from a range of diverse voices challenging the status quo in science and society. It is hosted by Umar & Tahir Nasser, two UK-based doctors and founders of Rational Religion.



1:09 - Rupert explains why he is not an atheist
12:44 - 20:30 - A Brief History of Materialism
20:32-35:20 - Is Telepathy Real?
36:26 - 42:16 - Is the Universe Conscious?
42:18 - 50:20 - Has religion evolved?


Rupert Sheldrake official website: https://www.sheldrake.org/
Rupert Sheldrake YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/RupertSheldrakePhD

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