Rupert Sheldrake - On evolutionary Spirituality (and its flaws)


This is an interview with biologist and spiritual thinker Rupert Sheldrake.
We begin by discussing his career and evolution from a Cambridge biochemist to a challenger of conventional science and spiritual researcher.
Then we discuss Theosophy (20 mins)
Then we discuss empirical spirituality and its historical roots (24 mins)
Then we discuss the Huxleys - Aldous and Julian - and their influence on empirical spirituality. (30 mins). He has some fascinating things to say about Julian!
We then discuss how the New Age can be rather elitist and even eugenicist (as Julian was).
We talk about Julian's son, Francis Huxley, who was a friend of Rupert's and an anthropologist who studied shamanism.
Finally we talk about the spiritual impact of COVID19, and Rupert's work with the Anglican church.

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