Rudolf Steiner - Viewing the Mystery of Golgotha in the Age of Freedom


(October 16, 1921)

"Viewing the Mystery of Golgotha in the age of freedom; the appearance of the senses as prerequisite for freedom; the modern human being's lack of freedom in the life after death; overcoming this through the experience of freedom in earthly life; the modern world picture without beginning and end; the earlier world picture between cosmogony and Last Judgment; Rotteck's World History; the senselessness of modern history; Arthur Schopenhauer; the Mystery of Golgotha as the sense-giving center to historical events; spiritual science and the evangelists; Christ as spirit sun being; Overbeck and modern theology."

From "Cosmosophy volume 1 1921, a set of 11 lectures given by Rudolf Steiner (CW 207)"

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