Rudolf Steiner - Terrestrial and Extra Terrestrial Shaping of Karma


(May 16, 1924)

"The terrestrial world and the extra-terrestrial world work quite differently upon the shaping of karma. The transition from life shared with the Moon Beings to life shared with the higher Hierarchies. Journey through the planetary spheres. What is in essence human derives from the Sun-existence; the earthly is but an image. Bad karma is left behind before man enters the Sun-existence; it is found again in the Moon-sphere on the return from cosmic existence. Homunculus in Goethe's Faust. Predisposition to health arises in the Sun-existence; predisposition to illness is engendered in the region below that of Sun-existence. In the world of the Second Hierarchy, natural laws are without validity. In the region of the First Hierarchy, the spiritual laws are transformed into the physical."

From "Karmic Relationships Vol. 2 (CW 236)."

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