Rudolf Steiner - Perception of Karma


(May 09, 1924)

"Perception of karma attained gradually through inner activity of soul. The beginning of the path to knowledge is to fill our thoughts with the infinitely wise provisions made in the world; then we must be able to wait. Insight into karmic connections can be stimulated by picturing vividly something experienced during the day; during the night the astral body gives shape to the picture in the outer ether which impregnates it with its own substance; the picture is further elaborated during the second and third days and nights by the etheric body and it is then received into the physical body, spiritualised and transformed. Spiritual exertion is essential if will is to be transformed into vision. In the study of karma, absolute clarity and soundness of head and heart must prevail."

From "Karmic Relationships Vol. 2 (CW 236)"

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