Patrick Moore (Greenpeace's Ex-President) - Is Climate Change Fake?


Patrick Moore is the Co-Founder & Ex-President of Greenpeace and an author.

Climate change has been at the forefront of political, cultural and social battles for the last 40 years. Patrick had a front-row seat as he organised the environmental movement's first ever major demonstration, but now he has some real problems with the direction it's heading in.

Expect to learn Patrick's thoughts on humanity's impact on global warming temperatures, his opinion on Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg, what people mean when they say we've only got 50 harvests left, whether we should be worried about rising sea levels and much more...

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Founding Greenpeace
07:34 Why Patrick Quit Greenpeace
15:41 Environmental Fear & Guilt
23:52 Extinction Rebellion
29:39 Are We In a Climate Emergency?
39:46 Rising Sea Levels
48:36 Only 50 Harvests Left?
1:01:50 Using Nuclear Energy
1:07:58 Earth’s Next Big Extinction Event
1:18:54 Lies from Climate Activists
1:30:56 Where to Find Patrick


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