Multidimensional Awareness, Soul Contracts & Twin Flames with SARAH ELKHALDY a.k.a The Alchemist


Sarah Elkhaldy is a mystic, spiritual teacher and author. She is widely known as a leader in the field of Spirituality and the Esoteric Arts. She is also known as The Alchemist on YouTube. @officialthealchemist

She uses her intuitive abilities as well as her extensive background in esoteric knowledge to help humanity gracefully tap into our evolutionary potential. She considers it her work to connect the higher with the lower; the outer world with the inner world.

Her spiritual teachings and deep insights into the nature of reality create energetic transmissions that activate her audience on a soul level. Her videos are well known for needing to be watched several times in order to fully extract the profound wisdom in each episode.

With an online community consisting of hundreds of thousands of awakening souls, it is her highest honor to assist humanity’s evolution.

This interview is filled with information and tips about multidimensional awareness and soul's ascension. Here are some of the topics we talked about:

- The 5th Dimension
- The difference between dimensions and densities
- How Soul Contracts affect you
- The Stages of Spiritual Awakening
- The Purpose of Twin Flames
- The 4th Dimension

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The Alchemist
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