Becoming A Daring Soul & An Alchemist of Your Own Reality | EP 247 | Sarah Elkhaldy


Becoming A Daring Soul & An Alchemist of Your Own Reality | EP 247 | Sarah Elkhaldy

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0:00:00 - Becoming A Daring Soul & An Alchemist of Your Own Reality
0:04:32 - The Journey Behind Her Content and Villain Story
0:06:45 - Reflections on Life Path and Manifestation
0:14:17 - Exploring the Balance of Introversion and Extroversion: Channeling and Developing Intuitive Skills
0:19:24 - The Alchemy of the Heart with The Alchemist
0:23:51 - The Art of Alchemy: A Discussion on Ascension
0:26:07 - The Soul's Purpose in Ascension
0:30:42 – The Conflict of Being a Daring Soul in an Unconventional Reality
0:32:42 - Strengthening Conflict Thresholds and Finding Effortlessness in Channeling
0:34:54 - Exploring Destiny, Fate, and Free Will
0:41:20 – The Necessity of Challenges in Life Paths
0:43:19 - Free Will and the Decompression of Consciousness
0:46:13 - Utilizing Rest and Play to Support Decompression and Integration
0:48:09 - Exploring the Alchemy of the Heart
0:50:27 - The Importance of the Heart in Achieving 3D Consciousness

Sarah Elkhaldy is a mystic and spiritual teacher. She is widely known as a leader in the field of Spirituality and the Esoteric Arts. She uses her intuitive abilities as well as her extensive background in esoteric knowledge to help humanity gracefully tap into our evolutionary potential. She considers it her work to connect the higher with the lower; the outer world with the inner world. 

Her spiritual teachings and deep insights into the nature of reality create energetic transmissions that activate her audience on a soul level. Her videos are well known for needing to be watched several times in order to fully extract the profound wisdom in each episode. With an online community consisting of hundreds of thousands of awakening souls, it is her highest honor to assist humanity’s evolution.

Guy talked with Sarah, the creator of the YouTube channel, 'The Alchemist' and she is a healer. Sarah has many clients from Australia and plans to do a live event there next year. During the conversation, Sarah explained that if asked what she does for a living at a dinner party, she would say I bend light. Guy was fascinated by Sarah and her content, citing how her work has been shared and recommended to him by a man he met at a workshop. The conversation then delved into Sarah's journey as a healer and the open-mindedness of people to explore the esoteric.

Sarah has always had an affinity for the unknown and was fascinated by the concept of infinity, even when she was young. She remembered being terrified by the definition of heaven her mother gave her, and this fear of the unknown never really left her. Although she tried to assimilate and fit in with the idea of what was expected of her, it was never a part of her design. Every time she tried to fit in, she was met with massive rejection and redirection. The conversation dived into the journey that led her to this point in her life, and the villain she had to overcome to get there.

She explained that her life path has always been very specific and defined, with no room for deviation. She was never given clarity but were instead prodded and maneuvered into a space. During this time, was unable to manifest certain things and had to stay in what felt like a penalty box for a time. She also explained that clarity often comes through direct experience, and that this is what has allowed her to embody and express the work she do now.

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