Manly P. Hall: Zen and Christian Mysticism (re-mastered)

Manly P. Hall: Zen and Christian Mysticism: According to D.T. Suzuki (remastered)

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Philosopher and speaker Manly P. Hall makes several observations linking Zen and Christian Mysticism, particularly regarding Dr. D.T. Suzuki and 14th century theologian, Meister Eckhart

In the early 1960's Manly Hall began to speak more about Eastern religions, traditions and symbolism, and made several trips to Japan. Perhaps after the destruction of World War II and the Cold War insanity that followed, his turn toward the gentle, peaceful and harmonious traditions such as Zen and Taoism was a natural extension of his already vast amount of knowledge of ancient wisdom.

As always, Mr. Hall presents this subject on Zen and Christian Mysticism with insight and skill, as well as a personal call to action to improve our own lives and the lives of those around us.

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