Manly P. Hall: The Unknown Can Be Beautiful - (older version)

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“Nearly all of us are somewhat disoriented by an element of mystery. The unknown, most frequently, creates fear in us.”

Fear of the unknown is one of humankind's oldest and most persistent worry. The natural world surrounding early man was full of unknowns. By now we have conquered the beasts and forests, yet we still chronically worry and fear what we cannot see or know. And to make matters more difficult, we fill the unknown with disastrous and negative ideas of what might lurk beyond the veil.

In this lecture, Manly P. Hall speaks of the causes of these fears and how embracing the mystery - instead of trying so solve it - can bring a richer experience with the deep unknown.

1:04:25 Mr. Hall jokes about the Beatles, who had arrived in the USA just a few months earlier.

The Unknown Can Be Beautiful - Mystery is an Attitude, Not a Fact
(Recorded at the Philosophical Research Society on Los Feliz Blvd., August 30, 1964)

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