Manly P. Hall: The Mask of Personality *NEW*

*Previously Unreleased*
"Behind the Mask of the Personality" was a lecture delivered in Los Angeles on July 29, 1959.

There is an ongoing debate whether hereditary or environment (nature vs. nurture) has the most influence on the development of a child. Listen as Mr. Hall goes beyond both to introduce the notion that all children come into this world with their own personality and traits, which can be more significant than genes or upbringing.

Again, we hear Manly Hall speak about personal responsibility and taking charge of one's own course in life, instead of fixating on the people and circumstances that surround us. External factors can have a huge effect in the life of the individual, but ultimately it is the quality of one's own inner life that can provide the most security and well-being, regardless of the outer world.
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Manly P. Hall
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