Manly P. Hall: The Duties of the Heart

"In the 23rd chapter of Proverbs, Solomon, King of Israel, says: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." We have long held this to be essentially a religious statement, but as we study man and his composite nature, we come to realize that this is a very scientific approach to the human problem of consciousness."

[full title:The Duties of the Heart: The Gates in the Wall of Heaven]

This 1962 lecture explores the mystery of the heart doctrine. Manly Hall suggests that while we have gone to great lengths to educate the mind, we have little understanding of our own heart. This wisdom of the heart or 'heart-mind' is a powerful force for self-improvement and the key to cultivating harmonious relationships in our lives.

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"The mind and emotions are different instruments, and they cannot be educated in exactly the same way."
1:10:36 Down throughout history, there have been individuals who have explored the regions of the heart.

"The experience of the heart doctrine is not by authority, but by experience."

~Manly Hall Society
Manly P. Hall
heart doctrine, zen, emotions
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