Manly P. Hall - New Commandment - Love Your Enemy

Manly Hall never spoke on Labor Day weekend, but always gave a lecture on Easter Sunday. This one is from April 3, 1983, when Mr. Hall was 82 years old a recovering from the flu. Here, he delivers a message of peace, love and understanding for all, regardless of their religious affiliation.

Note: The subtitles (CC) to this lecture do not line up exactly with what Mr. Hall is speaking, in case you noticed. This is because the lecture was transcribed and made available as Lecture Note 313 while Hall was still alive. Therefore, he would have made and/or approved of the changes to the transcript to make it more readable. As you may also notice, the 'corrections' are minor and are mainly for clarity and not content. It is almost uncanny how he could speak extemporaneously and deliver a print-ready lecture.

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Manly P. Hall
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