Manly P. Hall: Anger: Its Cause and Cure

Manly P. Hall recorded this lecture, "Anger: It's Cause and Cure - Overcoming the Most Useless of Human Emotions", on November 18, 1979, yet it is still just a valuable and relevant today. Listen to his comments on political divisions and see how that relates to our current time.

As is usually the case, Mr. Hall directs his advice to the individual his/herself - as being the one to grow and change and meet their own needs, instead of trying to change the world around us.

A poor quality version of this lecture has been on YouTube on other channels for years, but we were able to access the original master tape to restore this lecture and provide the best possible listening experience. The CC transcript is from "Lecture Note No. 268", which Manly Hall himself proofed and approved, making slight changes from the audio that you hear..

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Manly P. Hall
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