How to Conquer Anger - Manly P. Hall

It’s hardly necessary to define anger, because everyone knows what it is. And nearly everyone understands it from personal experience.

Anger: An intense emotion caused by real or imaginary injury or insult.

It is wise to remember that we are always at a disadvantage the moment a negative emotion causes us to lose control of ourselves.

54:33 The Universe is not all good and not all bad in action. The idealist knows that what we call 'the misery of living' is due to man's failure to understand the laws governing his own conduct

* Anger is universal and essentially counter-productive. Manly Hall describes the danger and absurdity of certain kinds of anger, and, presents useful, practical advice on how we can reduce or remove much of the anger in our own lives.
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2020 Manly Hall Society (Recorded November 24, 1957)
Manly P. Hall
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