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In this short video, Maharishikaa reminds the seeker who repeatedly asks questions about Maharishikaa’s journey: "It's about your journey". Maharishikaa speaks about the role of the seeker, and why the seeker must focus on their own journey, rather than that of the master. She describes to the seeker, the significance of the Mirror Talisman ring she’s wearing.

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About Maharishikaa:
Aaryaa Maharishikaa Preeti Maiyaa, is a revolutionary female mystic who fearlessly dares to demystify spirituality in her unrelenting call to realize Self, and act from Source.

At the cutting edge of the trajectory of human transformation, Maharishikaa Preeti’s profound teachings about Self-realization have shown countless individuals how to measurably reduce suffering by directly connecting to the Soul within.

In happenings called PRESENCE, the Maharishikaa brings processes that reveal to seekers how to act from the Soul’s impulse rather than from the command of the ego. Thus seekers turn into finders who concretely experience the joyousness in being alive.

An award-winning film maker, she is also known for her controversial conceptual art project ArtBeings, and her design of the talismanic PreetiMirror.

In India, she is addressed with the title of Maharishikaa, Sanskrit for great seer and knower - in female form.
Preeti, the name she was given at birth, is Sanskrit for love.

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